Human Factors Continuation (HFC)
Human Factors Continuation
Human Factors Continuation (HFC)
This course complies with EC 1321/2014 Part 145.A.30 and the associated AMC and GM. Our course hopes to give you a refresher in Human Factors requirements of EASA Part 145.A.30(e) and the associated AMC and GM for maintenance Human Factors...
EWIS 4+5
EWIS 4+5
EWIS 4+5
For Target Groups 4+5 This course complies with EASA AMC 20-22 Target Group 4 - Qualified staff performing general maintenance/inspections not involving wire maintenance. Target Group 5 - Qualified staff performing other engineering or...
Fuel Tank Safety
This course will familiarise students with the elements of Fuel Tank Safety, including its history, language and practical considerations. To give knowledge and awareness of everyday tasks to account for the challenges posed by the Fuel tank...

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